In 1949 was established in Lonigo the Tassoni Typography, which immediately proposed itself as a supplier company for all manufacturing companies that have made the industrial fortune of Italy. Realizing the needs of the market, in 1969 was established Cartografica Veneta S.p.A. and the new factory was built with the introduction of large format machines (100 x 140). Since then, constant development, family commitment and continuous renewal of production facilities have led the company to be one of the largest packaging manufacturers in Europe today.

Our mission


Our goal is to achieve the highest level of quality in the products and in the continuous improvement of the services offered; not only by providing essential products to improve the quality of everyday life, but also by tenaciously pursuing excellence capable of offering added value to our customers. We aim to be recognized as an ideal partner for our stakeholders, positively contributing to the everyday life of the realities in which our products or services can be found.


We are at the forefront of sustainable development by conducting our activities according to the highest environmental and safety standards. We establish policies, programs and procedures to produce in an environmentally correct way with attention to the integrity of all our collaborators. Furthermore, it recognizes in the management of the environment and safety and health in the workplace (OSH) one of the most important company priorities, important factors for sustainable development by establishing policies, programs and procedures to carry out the activity in an environmentally correct and in compliance with the physical and moral integrity of workers and all other directly or indirectly interested parties.

Our certifications

Cartografica Veneta S.p.A. has decided to undertake a clear and conscious path of certification of its skills, aiming to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and the well-being of its workers. To succeed in this, 4 major implementation areas have been defined and for each a roadmap that defines the targets to be reached and the terms within which to do so, the ways in which to pursue the results and the procedures to keep the improvement achieved stable. Some of these points have already been reached, others are still in a the development phase and new projects are about to be born, however all of them express our dedication to the pursuit of perfection.

BRC Global Standard

Packaging and packaging materials

Certificazione FSC – Catena di Custodia

Certificato FSC

Certificazione PEFC – Catena di Custodia

Certificato PEFC

Certificazione PEFC

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Sistema di gestione qualità

UNI EN ISO 14001

Sistema gestione ambiente

UNI ISO 45001

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